All India Janaushadhi Kendra Owners Welfare Trust

NGO Trust

ALL INDIA JAN AUSHADHI KENDRA OWNER WELFARE TRUST is committed to supporting good governance in the changing health care environment. by providing trustee-focused resources, pharmacy that foster high-performing people health system boards.

We are a group of independent community pharmacies offering health information and in store services to communities. We offer a full range of Health Information and in store Services from Medicine Use Reviews, Emergency Hormonal Contraception and also Alcohol Awareness. Our qualified Pharmacist and trained staff are available to discuss any symptoms or health concerns you may have. For more information please visit one of our nearest Pharmacies.

We aim to have a board that reflects the diversity of the pharmacy profession and ensures full insight into the challenges and needs faced by our pharmacy family.Meet our board of trustees below and understand what motivates them to volunteer for the pharmacy profession’s charity!

Aims and Objectives of Trust

  • ✓ We provide a quality PMBJK Pharmaceuticals based on our trust activities like conducting and serve events.
  • ✓ To give high-quality generic medicines to the people.
  • ✓ To provide health awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, and other major health issues.
Non Governmental Organization

Purpose of the Trust

  • 1. Setting up medical camp
  • 2. Providing free medicines to below poverty line people
  • 3. Providing 2% drug subsidy to retired army personnel
  • 4. Conducting awareness camps in rural and hill villages and providing educational welfare program, free medical camp and medicines assistance
  • 5. Obtaining and providing necessary equipments for Siddha, Ayurvedic and agricultural related matters with grant from the Central/State Governments
  • 6. Co-operation in river water connectivity
  • 7. Aid to education
  • 8. Assistance in times of Disaster
  • 9. Pool maintenance and dredging
  • 10. Helping the hill villagers
  • 11. Recommending setting up of Government regulation billboards
  • 12. Procurement and supply of all equipments from Central and State Governments for the benefit of farmers
  • 13. Provision of welfare schemes for the disabled persons
  • 14. Helping transgender people
  • 15. Helping the poor by receiving funds from Central, State Governments and other Institutions.
  • 16. Collaborate with Central, State Governments and NGOs on other tasks
  • 17. Providing free Napkin Box to women working in School, College, Police Department and other Government Departments.
  • 18. Setting up CSC Center free of charge for rural and hill villagers
  • 19. Providing a free clinic to help people below the poverty line
  • 20. Providing free medical shops from the central and state governments for the benefit of the people
  • 21. Helping farmers in agriculture
  • 22. Helping Veterinary Medicine and Practise
  • 23. Helping Handicaps
  • 24. Tree planting in all areas
  • 25. Providing a free ambulance for people in rural areas
  • 26. Helping the sportsperson